Multi-effect for gentle tweaking through to full-on mangling!


ShapeShifter is a multi-effect VST plug-in which gives you a number of tools for changing your sounds, ranging from subtle effects through to extreme mangling of your audio.  The following effects modules are included:

  1. Waveshaper linked to a step sequencer, allowing you to create changes in tone that normal waveshapers can’t achieve
  2. Resonant Filter including an LFO and step sequencer to control the cut-off frequency
  3. Stereo Delay including step sequencers to vary the delay settings over time
  4. Gate to create rhythmic changes in volume
  5. Chorus & Reverb to fill out sounds and add some polish
  6. Compressor for controlling the dynamics of the audio.

ShapeShifter uniquely ties a waveshaper to a step sequencer, allowing you to blend between waveshaper settings in time with your track, creating interesting changes in tone.

Additionally, the signal path is configurable so that the effects can be ordered any way you like for maximum flexibility.


A sound is worth a thousand words, so take a listen to some examples of ShapeShifter in action...

Drums: Dry drumbeat Effected1 Effected2
Pads: Dry pad Effected pad    
Electric guitar: Funky E. Guitar Pad-like E. Guitar Distort E. Guitar
Synths: Dry drone Screaming drone    


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